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Our Wedding Vendors


Planner - Brittany "Bells" Tretta from Wedding Bells, LLC

Instagram: @wedding_bells_az

Mesa, Arizona

We had been in contact with about 5 different wedding planners. When you're a celebrity, you tend to get taken advantage of when it comes to pricing. We knew exactly what we wanted but, for some reason we were constantly getting charged for things like "rehearsal dinner" and "phone calls" .... WHAT? We weren't having any of that, why should we be charged that? Our families don't even get into the state until the morning of the wedding... It was crazy! Bells was with us every step of the way. She understood exactly what we needed and when we had lost the house as a venue, she went over the top to try and help us find a new spot. She had these amazing outside the box ideas of how things should work and she was on top of every single hiccup. Not that there were many. Bells is extremely experienced and it really shows. She's got the kind of attitude that you want to be around but, you can trust she'll get the job done correctly the first time. She has a calmness about her, and she even let us help out a little bit the morning of the wedding because she understood how neurotic we get if we don't get to dip our toes into something. When we arrived for the ceremony, Bells had this little bag with a ton of random stuff. Anything a bride could ever need. Including bobby pins! Men have no clue how sacred those things can be when you really need one! If you want a planner that is all in and goes above and beyond your expectations to make your life easier on your special day, Bells is the one for you. She's the real deal.

Officiant - Meryl Hall

Phoenix, Arizona

Meryl is one of our very close friends. She is insanely talented when it comes to making a person see the best in any and every situation. At the very beginning of the wedding day, Meryl took the day off of her day to day job to ensure that if we needed anything at all - she'd be there in a flash. Granted, we're not the type of people to ask for help even when I realized that I don't own a single fricken bobby pin... Anyways.... When it comes to Meryl as an officiant; she's extremely professional, down to earth, and so easy to listen to. Shes got the serious moments, and the hilarious ones too. She'll listen to you if you want scripture and she'll listen if you want Backstreet Boys lyrics. She does her homework on each couple to ensure that she really hits the nail on the head and captures the beautiful moments of your relationship. Anyone would be so lucky to have this woman begin their relationship as husband and wife, I know Frankie and I feel strongly about this...

Photographer - Alex Maxwell

Instagram: @alexmaxwellwedding

Dallas, Texas

Alex and I (Paige) have been friends for years and years. Alex is this insanely talented human that has an eye for things that easily go unnoticed. I fell in love with this quality about Alex very early on in his career as an artist / photographer. I wanted to support him and insisted on using him for our special day. We had quite a few people to choose from, but none quite did it like Alex. The day of, Alex showed up an hour early and was instantly comfortable in our home. He shot here and there. We talked, we laughed a little. We walked around. Frankie told him it was so crazy how quick he was, asking if Alex was sure that he got the shot. Of course Alex got the shot! He is incredibly professional. Alex in based in Texas, but will travel for work. If there is anything you take of these reviews, look into Alex Maxwell's wedding work. I promise that if you choose to use him, you will not be disappointed... Unless you like that cut and dry, no pores skin blur, and crazy contrasted kind of photography. He's got a look of his own, and we really are head over heels for it. This is one talented man.

Venue and Catering - monOrchid

Instagram: @themonorchid

Chef Joe Rodger at The Dressing Room

Phoenix, Arizona

GUYS! Okay so, we planned this spot insanely last minute. They were absolutely incredible. Our point person was Ryan. Not only was he overly accommodating, he put our minds completely at ease with having every single answer ready for us. If there was anything left on the table at the end of our conversations, he immediately got back to us with an answer. Everyone at this venue was insanely sweet and professional. The staff was impeccable. They were quick and kind to our guests, they really went above and beyond. Now lets get down to the food... Chef Joe Rodger. I cannot give this man enough praise, it's literally psychically and emotionally impossible. When you look at the menu of The Dressing Room, it's pretty good but typical. Tacos, burgers, you know... not really wedding food. We were kind of nervous about this one in all honesty. We saw the mock up menu Joe created and we were like, ok ok... This could be awesome. Awesome is an understatement guys. This man fricken nailed it. From the first course, our guests were literally coming up to our table and complimenting OUR taste... We are truly impressed with the monOrchid. If we have any events ever again, we know who to call. Maybe next time, we'll give a little more notice.

Floral - Form Floral

Instagram: @formfloral

Phoenix, Arizona

So, maybe for most weddings the centerpieces and the color coordination is a pretty massive deal. For us, we were really jumping in blind after the change of venue. A girlfriend mentioned Malori at Form Floral. Meeting her in the flesh was like a breath of fresh air. Her beautiful bubbly personality was literally exactly what I needed in my life! Her skill within the floral realm was on point with who I am as a person, and she told me our wedding was a dream come true for her and her team! Instantly, our minds were at ease. Malori sent over a mock up mood board... We were skeptical but we played it cool. We put all of our trust into her and her team because we saw what she was capable of and we truly had faith in her. Form Floral exceeded, literally, everyone's expectations. We had told our parents beforehand that the flowers were mainly dried and got the "who uses dead flowers for a wedding?!" But, when people walked in... when we walked in... We almost cried honestly. Malori was there every step of the way. A last minute change happened to the seating, we chose these beautiful wooden seats, and Form Floral took over and changed the centerpiece bowls to be wooden to match the feel. I will never use a different floral company. Baby shower, anniversary... I might even have a party just for the heck of it just to use this team again.

Cake - Sprinkle Me Sweet Bakery

Jaimee Alisha & Kristin Wall

Instagram: @sprinklemesweet.bakery

Phoenix, Arizona

This one really took the cake, pun totally intended. Alright so, 2 weeks before the wedding we went to countless bakeries. For some reason, I (Paige) kept getting sick after cake tastings. It got so painful that, we decided that I literally cannot taste anymore. Frankie, well, he's pretty much a purest and only vanilla on vanilla would do. So realistically; without me tasting the cakes and absolutely no bakery in Arizona doing a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting for a wedding... There was no options. I found out a few days later that I am actually allergic to eggs, gluten, cows milk, soy, and about 18 other things. This. Was. Soul. Crushing. I felt so, empty and defeated. I really wanted a beautiful cake, and eat it too. Every bakery just used sooo much butter that I feel like that's honestly what set me over the edge. A few days before the wedding, Meryl (the officiant) texted and asked about the wedding. I mentioned the above allergies and my defeat to even find a cake my husband could enjoy. She mentioned she had these incredible neighbors that sort of just recently started a bakery and that they would 100% do vanilla/vanilla! They made this freaking adorable naked style bomb cake, vanilla on vanilla! I've never complimented a wedding cake before, because realistically it's the most immemorial part of the night for everyone else but the bride and groom. PEOPLE WERE COMPLIMENTING US! It was honestly so so good. It was actually impressive. Major props to these wonderful ladies - not just for doing what they do so well, but for being incredible sports about the last minute chaos that is our lives.

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