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photo by alex maxwell

Our special day was filled to the absolute extreme with love and laughter. Our families drove and flew in from all over the country. Our closest friends made it possible to show up within their crazy schedules. Our vendors far exceeded our expectations. I mean, all in all - We did plan this wedding in only 10 days! And yes guys, there was a small fire... It only made our wedding even more lit though...


From the moment we got engaged, we talked about so many different ideas for the wedding. One thing we were set on, keep it small. Small being under 50 guests. We are the kind of people that are totally okay with going unnoticed. In most cases, we welcome it with open arms. The plan was to have it at our home after the rebuild was completed. Long story short, after rebuilding your house for a year and half... maybe it's not the brightest idea to have a wedding the first month of living in it. There were so many issues with the rebuild that the thought of someone touching a white wall made us sad before it even happened. So, we come to the realization 10 days from the wedding and Frankie gets a bright idea to ask this local gallery if they are available. Boom! We're in! How in the world did that happen so smoothly? All in all, everything was beyond perfect. We were so nervous that absolutely everything was changing because our original "look" did not suit this industrial space. Floral, tables, furniture, the entire mood, everything! It's really unbelievable what a good team with truly talented people will get you. So, lets get into detail about the vendors we chose to use and why if you're having an Arizona wedding, you should too!


These are our very honest opinions. We did not get any kind of price deals to leave these reviews. We're doing this because we want everyone to know the minds behind the madness and how awesome these people were!

A peek behind the curtain

on our special day - february, 21 2020


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