Frankie Muniz (born in Wood-Ridge, NJ - 12/5/1985) is a child star actor best known for his role in the hit television series "Malcom in the Middle." The show continued on for 7 seasons totaling in 151 episodes. After Malcom ended, Frankie pursued his dream of racing cars. After a horrendous accident, Frankie decided to hang up his helmet professionally though he does still race for fun!


In 2012, Muniz joined a band, Kingsfoil, as the drummer. After two years, he decided to part ways with the musical side of it as he enjoyed the management aspect more and is now managing a new upcoming hit band called "Astro Lasso."


Frankie has returned to Los Angeles to star in his first serious motion picture as an adult titled "The Black String" which was directed and produced by Brian Hanson and Richard Handley.


"Frankie spends the majority of his free time bothering Paige at their store in Scottsdale, Arizona. She tells him to go home, but he never leaves because he's a workaholic. Add that in..."

                                                  - Paige Price


Paige (born in Marianna, PA - 3/30/1993) started out her career as a model at the age of 18. Although born with the surname Price, she changed her name to ensure her modeling career wouldn't effect her professional career as a forensic pathologist which she ended up not pursuing in the end.


Price was recognized in 2013 as Miss Kumite Classic, which would later help her land a career as a respected television golf host. Being so involved in the golf realm, Price decided to actually try golfing as a profession - being a host to many on the segments, Price became best known for her monster long drives. In 2016, Muniz talked Price into moving out to Arizona where he hoped she would continue her dream in golf. After practicing day after day, she slowly started to realize that she enjoyed golf more when playing for fun. She told Frankie she wanted to try pursuing writing in her down time instead. He just fricken loved that...


Shortly after moving to Scottsdale, Arizona - Price had the idea to purchase a small shop in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale - Outrageous Olive Oils and Vinegars. With the help of Muniz when it comes to numbers and marketing smarts, the company has turned extremely successful for the pair and continues growing every day.