What's in our hospital bag?

Preparing for a baby is something neither of us thought would be as much work as it actually is. Scratch that - we knew it was going to be a lot of work but we had no clue about all of the hidden or easily forgotten things that make life SO. MUCH. EASIER.


We realized pretty quickly through friends and family that, it's pretty miserable when you fall short of not being prepared - especially while in the hospital for the postpartum bit.

The truth is, anything can happen at any time during pregnancy. I am currently considered a high risk, with the even higher risk of contracting COVID. I have been instructed to be as ready as early as possible, but my doctor is still projecting a great delivery date leaving me with the typical goal of 9 full months of pregnancy bliss!

Let's get down to bidnass...

I'm doing this post because I would love to hear from everyone what they highly recommend to include in my hospital bag. I've gotten so many recommendations from personal experiences and I have learned SO MUCH about what it's like to over-pack as well as under packing. Plus, I'll admit... I totally duck, duck, go'ed it for hours trying to figure out what the heck I am doing... This is what I came up with in the end...


Toothpaste - Native Fluoride Free / $10.00 from Target

Toothbrush - Quip / $50.00 from Target

Hairbrush - More Than Magic / $3.00 from Target

Facial Cleanser - Korres / $18.00 from SkinStore (via Witney Carson)

Magnitone Wipe Out Cleansing Cloths (via Witney Carson)

Shampoo / Conditioner - Prose / I am a monthly subscriber

Deodorant - Native / $14.00

Lip balm - Burts Bees / $

Moisturizer - Honest Company / $

Weekender Bag - Jubee / $

Non-elastic hair scrunchies

Peri Wash Bottle

Doughnut Pillow

Nip Nourish

Breast Pads

Nipple Sheild


Frida Mom - Postpartum Recovery Kit

  • Ice maxi pads

  • Witch Hazel pad liners

  • Always discreet diapers


Birthing Gown - Bianca Nightgown / $110.00