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We have been asked over and over again what we are going to do for a baby shower. We have decided due to the new and severely frightening information that has been released about COVID-19 and pregnancy risks (click here to read), that we will not be having a baby shower anymore.
Paige has a very high risk pregnancy, so we want to be extremely cautious. This is a very big let down for us, as it is our first child and we really wanted to experience and celebrate this child with every single person we love. To be completely transparent, it deeply saddens us that we can't do what's considered "normal" due to our / the special circumstances.
That being said: We have decided on something a little more out there to show our appreciation for our friends, family, and mostly our fans - since no one will be able to see us personally open gifts or see the gifts in our nursery. We will take a personalized photo, or write a personalized note and send it to the billing address provided when we receive your gift! It humbles and fills our hearts to the fullest that so many people still want to play a part in our little ones life, given the weirdness of the world. We couldn't ask for a better support system. Ya'll are incredible.
Please note: Our registry just recently was made public. Any purchases beforehand were not our registry and we're so sorry you were a victim of that scam. We have worked with the provider of the list to have it successfully removed from their website.
We will be thanking each and every person in one way or another. Everything will come from us personally.
After much thought, we have decided to make our registry public for multiple reasons. Mainly because it broke our hearts to hear that some of you have purchased gifts that you thought were for our baby after being sent a link on social media, but they were not sent to us. It warms our hearts to the core to know that so many of you want to be a part of our personal lives and this next huge step.
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